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Poetry Photostory, WITH PARTNERS

Step 1: Download the Jotchart:

Poetry Jot Chart.docx
Poetry Jot Chart.docx

Poetry Jot Chart.docx

(after you download it, choose SAVE AS to keep your own copy on the computer)

Step 2:Choose a Poem from this site. You must tell me the name of your poem before you start (that way there are no duplicates)

Website: School Poetry Site

Step 3:Divide the lines/stanzas of the poem onto your jot chart (yes, you CAN copy/paste). Then plan your pictures.

What kind of picture will it be?

  • Paint
  • Digital Camera
  • From Online

Tell what will be in the picture.

Step 4: Draw Pictures, Download Pictures, take pictures with the Cameras

Step 5: Put the words and pictures together in Photo Story!

MATHO Game and Spreadsheets

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Play 12 rounds of MATHO and record your scores.

Have extra time? Play other Math Games

Learn About the States Power Point

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Check out our Power Points!

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Extra Time?

Explore the States of the U.S.

Learn About Famous Pennsylvanians!external image mpennsylvania.gif

Research famous Pennsylvanians to complete a scavenger hunt.

Go to Biography.com List: Famous People Born in Pennsylvania.

SYMMETRY Online Activities:

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Go HERE to find a picture to use for your symmetry project.

Online Typing Activities
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Computer Lab Favorites

Learn About Computers!

Cycle 3

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