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Spelling Activities

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Part One (5th Grade)

Try these spelling games and other activities to review your Spelling Lists:

Part Two

Create a word search for your spelling words using Make Your Own Word Search Puzzle

Part Three (5th)

Use your spelling words to Create a Shape Picture using Image Chef

Declaration of Independence

  1. Blog Post: Write a diary entry for July 4, 1776 from the point of view of a member of the continental congress. Do you need more information? Visit Factmonster
  2. (for Friday) Download this Graphic Organizer. After you download it, use SAVE AS in MSWord to save it with your name onto your P: drive.
  3. Use this site: U.S. Signers of the Declaration of Independence Find information for four signers: Date of Birth and Death, .

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World Geography

Places Around the Worldexternal image globe-europe1.jpg

Map Puzzles:

Countries of the World Research: CIA World Factbook

How Far Is It?

Measure the distances between West Grove, PA and places around the world.

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We will be working with a Blog at Kidsblog during our 5th grade computer class.

Read our **Blogging Guide** to using the blog.

Instructions for the First Blog Post:"Technology Terms!"

Welcome to the Web 2.0! Web 2.0 is a new term used to describe using the web to CREATE content instead of just READING content. In our fifth grade computer class we will be creating content using this BLOG.

Our Blog will focus mostly on writing about current events, topics we are working on in class, and some other forms of writing.

Blog Post #1: Technology Terms

  1. Use your crossword puzzle or THIS list to choose a technology term.
  2. Write the word and definition on your blog.
  3. Tell why that is an important term to know.

When you have finished, read other's posts and make QUALITY and RESPECTFUL comments.

Remember BLOGGING ETIQUETTE and write your post using Academic Language.

Our Blogs:



Computers and Technology Games

Online Typing Activities

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Signers of the U.S. Constitution Power Point

View our completed projects: A107, C105

U.S. Constitution Brainpop Quiz

Research Sites:external image signers-mural-small.gif